Bojo de Luar ‘Duplo’ 2022

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Producer: Bojo de Luar
Variety: Espadeiro
Country: Portugal
Region: Vinho Verde
Farming: Biodynamic, Organic
Winemaking: Grapes were destemmed and moved into "ta/has" (100-year-old, 1.100L amphoras) and stumped by foot. To each amphora, 1kg of ground chestnut flowers was added and immediately mixed into the mass. The fermentation started spontaneously after four days and continued slowly for one month. The wine was kept macerating in ta/has, from the second week of October until mid-­January, when it was moved to steel tanks and bottled in March, unfiltered with S02 added at bottling (30ppm).
Package: 750 mL bottle

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