Brooklyn Kura Nama Junmai Blue Door Sake

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from Skurnik: Named for the iconic entrance to the Brooklyn Kura taproom, the ‘Blue Door’ is fermented slightly warmer than their ginjo sake making it stout, earthy and dry. It is left unpasteurized (nama) giving it life and vibrancy.

  • Full bodied, earthy, dry, umami-laden with subtle notes of banana and ripe melon.
  • Calrose and Yamada Nishiki rice milled to 70%
  • Serve chilled and enjoy soon after opening
  • Pairs well with richer dishes like grilled tuna steaks, smoky cheeses, or steak frites. (Or even just frites!)
  • SMV (measure of dryness): +3
  •  17% ABV
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