Floral Terranes "Abracadabra" 2021

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Producer: Floral Terranes
Variety: 50% Chardonnay, 50% Merlot
Country: United States
Region: New York - Long Island
Farming: Biodynamic, Organic
Winemaking:  50% skin-contact Chardonnay from Macari Vineyard and 50% Merlot from a two-acre, backyard vineyard in Orient, Long Island, aged in neutral barrels before blending in mid-June. Natural yeasts, minimal sulphites added.
Package: 750 mL bottle

Long Island natives Erik Longabardi and Benford Lepley set up shop in the garage of Erik's childhood home in Roslyn, NY with the goal of creating beverages that express the native terroirs of their ingredients. They released their first vintage in 2017, and since then they've introduced several thoughtful wines and ciders from various like-minded organic growers from Long Island and Upstate New York. This project is, first and foremost, a labor of love and and an exploratory project, and we are really enjoying being along for the ride. They're pressing apples with a simple basket press and foot stomping their grapes. They bottle by hand and everything is made without filtration or enough sulfur to mention. Every bottling is a pure expression of its' origin. It's a joy to be able to drink and share these bottles!

Although "Abracadabra" is a blend of seemingly disparate red and white grapes, it's decidedly a red wine in the glass. Named after the Steve Miller Band song, it's a playful, dynamic sipper with a leathery center from the Merlot and a zippy tartness from the Sauvy B. It's not boring, and most importantly, it's food friendly and fun to drink.

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