Floral Terranes Livingston Manor Cider 2020

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Long Island natives Erik Longabardi and Benford Lepley set up shop in the garage of Erik's childhood home in Roslyn, NY with the goal of creating beverages that express the native terroirs of their ingredients. They released their first vintage in 2017, and since then they've introduced several thoughtful wines and ciders from various like-minded organic growers from Long Island and Upstate New York. This project is, first and foremost, a labor of love and and an exploratory project, and we are really enjoying being along for the ride. They're pressing apples with a simple basket press and foot stomping their grapes. They bottle by hand and everything is made without filtration or enough sulfur to mention. Every bottling is a pure expression of its' origin. It's a joy to be able to drink and share these bottles!

Their Livingston Manor Cider, of which only a tiny handful of cases was produced, is made from wild apples grown right here in our "big backyard"! It's apple-y and electric, with a touch of farmhouse funk. It's the perfect souvenir of time spent in the Manor, and it won't be here long.

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