Las Jaras Sparkling 2019

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Producer: Las Jaras
Variety: Carignan
Country: United States
Region: California - Mendocino
Farming: Organic (certified)
Winemaking: The hand-picked grapes were whole cluster pressed to a tall skinny stainless steel tank. After racking the clear juice at about 250 NTU, they warmed it up to initiate fermentation. When the wine started to tick, they set the cooling on the tank to 68°F and let the wine ferment naturally. They gradually brought down the temperature while it was fermenting until it was around 50°F. When the wine reached about 2 brix they chilled the tank to arrest fermentation. The juice had other plans and actually tried to keep fermenting, even with the tank at 40F! They had to filter the wine to get it to stop. They let the tank sit cold for several weeks to naturally cold stabilize. When it was time to bottle, they racked the wine, added a small amount of organic yeast extract (food for the yeast) and a Champagne yeast culture. The wine was stored sur latte (on its side) for 15 months before it was disgorged. They simply topped the bottles after disgorging and did not add any sugar or sulfur. 
Package: 750mL bottle

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