Martha Stoumen Post Flirtation White 2019

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Producer: Martha Stoumen
Variety: 33% Colombard, 26% Marsanne, 23% Roussanne, 18% Muscat blanc
Country: United States
Region: California - Contra Costa County
Farming: Organic
Winemaking: The co-fermented CoCo fruit (Roussanne, Marsanne and Muscat) is all tumbled in the press to get just a hint of skin contact before pressing, then juice is fermented on full lees in stainless steel. Early season Colombard is also fermented on full lees in stainless steel and adds brightness to the CoCo County co-ferment once blended. The final blend was filtered and bottled after 6 months of aging. They move the wine as little as possible to preserve the CO2 produced from fermentation, which acts as a natural preservative and gives the mouthfeel a little boost. This wine naturally goes through malolactic fermentation as well, as we only add a small amount of SO2 at bottling,
Package: 750 mL bottle
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