Nicolas Carmarans Fer de Sang 2020

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Producer: Nicolas Carmarans
Variety: Fer Servadou
Country: France
Region: Marcillac
Farming: Organic, sustainable, hand harvested
Winemaking: Low intervention, fermented in whole bunches for one week, free-run and pressed juices are blended and aged in old barrique, Unfined, unfiltered
Package: 750 mL bottle

From the importer:

For a long time, Nicolas ran a natural wine bar in Paris. From 2002 to 2007 he dabbled in winemaking in the same appellation where his great-grandfather made wine. Then, after purchasing his prized "Le Mauvais Temps" site, he was all in. He's worked tirelessly to restore the natural terroir of this beautiful site, surrounded by forests and all the biodiversity responsible for the unique character of his unique wines. Never any chemicals or pesticide, minimal sulphur, and truly authentic.

There are some bottles we wait for all year, and there's no better example than a wine like Fer de Sang, iron from blood, a completely peerless wine. These are grapes from a vineyard in Marcillac that Nicolas has been working with for years. It's a vineyard of clay (hence the iron) that makes for the most powerful and expressive wine in Carmaran's lineup.

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