Eve's Cidery Autumn's Gold Semi Dry Sparkling New York Cider

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Producer: Eve's Cidery
Variety: 29% Idared, 25% Ellis Bitter, 12% Bramley’s Seedling, 6% Kingston Black, 6% Golden Russet, 4% Frequin Rouge, 4% Akane, 3% Liberty, 11% various bittersweets in small quantities 
Country: USA
Region: New York - Finger Lakes
Farming: Organic
Cidermaking: Eve’s most ‘old-world’ cider, produced from bittersweet and bittersharp European cider varieties first grafted onto their trees in 2002. These varieties require late harvesting and slow, natural fermentation to bring out their full complexity. Macerating fruit prior to pressing also increases aromatics and helps with integrating tannin. Bittersweet cider also benefits from oxygen exchange from old oak barrels.
Package: 750 mL bottle
"Old world" style cider from the Finger Lakes. Late-harvested apples fermented slowly and naturally. The finished product is bittersweet and delightful.
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